10 Reasons why you should choose WordPress as a cms

If you ever have a hard time convincing clients that their website should be powered by WordPress, then we have some great news for you. To better help you sell and market this software, a new group has been launched to support those evangelizing about WordPress.

Through the newly launched official blog of the marketing team for the WordPress open source project, you can expect to find content focused on spreading the word about this software and extolling the benefits and advantages of using it.

So far, on the blog, you will find WP Reasons. This is an e-flyer, which outlines some of the best reasons to use WordPress. If you or your clients are ever unsure exactly why WordPress is so popular and what it has to offer, then this public domain document can answer some of their questions.


Like WordPress itself, the marketing group is open to participation. Therefore, if you have any suggestions or feedback on how WordPress can be marketed and promoted more effectively, you are more than welcome to get involved.

Despite powering 25% of the web, it has felt in the past that more could be done to promote this software, so it’s great to see the launch of this group.