The complete guide to planning and designing a law firm website homepage

How to design a law firm website homepage

The most important page on a law firm website is your home page. This is the page that visitors will see first, and it is important that it clearly communicates what your firm is about and why people might want to hire you for their legal issues. There are several components that your homepage should contain and information that each component should include. Here are the various parts of a strong law firm website that can help you to turn visitors into clients.

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The Ultimate Law Firm Website Blueprint: A step-by-step guide to creating the perfect law firm website

Landing new cases while continuing to work for your existing clients can be a balancing act. Today, building a terrific law firm website that has personalized and informative content is crucial. Capterra reports that 70 percent of law firms in 2017 reported that they had generated new cases through their websites. One-third of people who are searching for attorneys start their searches online. Building a strong law firm website can help you to market your firm more effectively, build your client base, and increase your profits. This eBook will guide you through the process of building a well-designed website and including content that will help to market your brand and improve your law firm’s reputation.

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A/B Testing via WordPress: What You Need to Know

Ah A/B testing, the digital age’s comparison of apples to oranges. You’ve spent your time, effort, and money creating a WordPress site for your business. While you maintain this site, you want to know what is working and what isn’t. You have no idea if your theme is driving conversions, maybe you would get more…

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4 Testing Tools to Help You Evaluate WordPress Site Performance

We all know that as society moves faster, online consumers become less and less patient. If your WordPress site isn’t loading quickly enough, you can lose a customer in the blink of an eye. Even if your site has great SEO, relevant content, awesome social presence, and can be found organically in search, a 2-second…

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The Rise of AdBlocking and What It Can Mean for Your Business


Have you ever been browsing the Internet and been annoyed when advertisements prevent you from seeing the content you were looking for? If so, you’re not alone; and you’re also probably not using an AdBlocking program. AdBlocking is exactly what it sounds like—software that can be downloaded onto your computer in order to block advertisements…

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