A/B Testing via WordPress: What You Need to Know

Ah A/B testing, the digital age’s comparison of apples to oranges. You’ve spent your time, effort, and money creating a WordPress site for your business. While you maintain this site, you want to know what is working and what isn’t. You have no idea if your theme is driving conversions, maybe you would get more…

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The Rise of AdBlocking and What It Can Mean for Your Business


Have you ever been browsing the Internet and been annoyed when advertisements prevent you from seeing the content you were looking for? If so, you’re not alone; and you’re also probably not using an AdBlocking program. AdBlocking is exactly what it sounds like—software that can be downloaded onto your computer in order to block advertisements…

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5 Differences to Understand about UX vs. CX Not to Miss

At first glance, it’s very easy to assume that UX (user experience) is very similar to, if not the same as, CX (customer experience). Users and customers sound like pretty much the same thing, right? So what are the differences between them, and why is it important to understand these differences? Read below to find…

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7 Ways to Use Exit Overlay to Help Improve Conversions

There are many reasons a consumer might choose to leave a website; they change their mind about a purchase, they get distracted, they put something in a cart thinking they’ll come back to it, they get frustrated by the design of the site, etc. Unfortunately research shows that although 75% of abandoning visitors intent to come…

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6 Ways for Small Businesses to Cash in on Pokemon Go

It’s no secret that Pokemon Go is everywhere right now. For some businesses, they were randomly selected as a “hot spot” and have been getting all the Pokemon traffic (more on this later), but what about for your average business? Check out six different ways you can take advantage now—the sooner you can get started…

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5 Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) Tips from a Marketer

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) are the main component of a project established by Google, which creates an open standard for publishers to have their web pages load faster on mobile devices. This AMP project began late last year (October 2015), and was not only backed by Google but also other large websites like Twitter and…

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